Our promise to you the user:

1. Anything you create in GoBubble is yours, not ours (photos, films, words). You login using the account your school has created for you

2. We don’t sell any information about you to other companies for marketing or advertising. We don’t feature any advertising and there is no tracking of your account for behavioural or third party advertising in GoBubble or elsewhere

3. To help us make sure the GoBubble technology works in the right way to keep you safe we will collect some information (data). This however is just for us to use internally for product improvement. We do not use data for research purposes

4. If you want to use GoBubble outside of school your parent needs to give their consent first. Your parent records this in the app using the special parent login and password provided by your school. To use it in school time we treat your school as giving the parent consent (as it is being used for educational purposes).

5. We have a team (moderation) who check GoBubble photos, films and words to make sure they are safe and won’t upset anyone. Every social interaction is pre-moderated to keep all users as safe as possible at all times

6. You can wipe your account whenever you wish and you can delete your account whenever you wish

7. We’ll always try and be clear in anything we say

8. If we get hacked (have a data breach) we will report all users (those affected and those not) within the same day of it coming to the attention of our CEO. We will then keep you updated on a regular basis through or website and social channels on updates to the fix

8. Anything we add to this list in the future we’ll let you know about


Our commitment to your privacy

Privacy is of high importance to us. We need to be able to moderate all content to keep all of our users as safe as can be and study analytics to ensure the platform is performing to the best of its ability to improve our service for you. Only those team members with appropriate security clearance and training on our internal data handling procedures will have access to personal user data.


Our commitment to your wellbeing

In GoBubble we care greatly about you. To ensure we’re doing everything we can to give you a safe enjoyable experience we:

  1. Only give you access between 06:30-21:30 local time, so as not to disturb your sleep
  2. We screen out all bad emoji, inappropriate language (including bullying terms), inappropriate photos and videos (based on the image and the audio)
  3. Only reward the likes you give, not the ones you get – so it’s not a popularity contest. Also we don’t show how many friends people have. Instead you’re rewarded by how nice you are to others and how many likes you give out
  4. Don’t disclose your location or use any visible geo-location tracking
  5. Store all our data on secure Microsoft Azure servers

To keep you safe we also ensure:

  1. There are no public profiles that can be shared outside of GoBubble
  2. Every user is verified as a child as only schools can create child accounts
  3. You can only connect with users the same year group age around the World
  4. We treat your data with the utmost confidentiality. We don’t disclose your account or content to any third parties. We will only notify your school, parent or law enforcement if there is a concern for your personal or emotional wellbeing and safety


Our data protection

We only collect data to help us ensure the system is running efficiently, make improvements where needed or to help with product development. If you want your data removed and wiped you can do this yourself within the app or you can email admin @ and we can do this on your behalf. All requests are processed within 24 hours maximum (excluding public holidays, in which case it is done the next working day). We carry out monthly data audits and training and process reviews once a quarter (next due March 2018).

The only personally identifiable information we collect for the app to operate is:

  1. Your name
  2. The county and country where you go to school
  3. Your year group in school
  4. If you are a boy or a girl

This data is retained for the duration your account is in GoBubble (or if inactive for 12 months, then after the period the pupil would have left the school that created the account). You can delete your own data in the settings tab in the app. If you wish to have a downloaded copy of your data please email admin @ If you wish to amend any errors please speak to a teacher at your school first who can make amendments for you. Alternatively please email admin @

We don’t collect:

  1. Email addresses, phone numbers, home address, date of birth, parent email, geolocation, biometric, health, behavioural or another type of personally or non-personally identifiable information
  2. We also won’t transfer your data to any third party

If any parent would like to request a summary of the data stored on their child they can view this in their parent login within the app or they can email the Data Controller at admin @

A school can see the content their pupils have shared to the groups the school creates, however they are not able to see the content filtered to that of a particular child. A parent can only see the content either a teacher or their own child has produced. They cannot see any information or content from another children (either at the school or elsewhere).


Our terms of use

GoBubble is just for use for under 13s only (no teens or adults allowed). Parents have access to personalised safety controls within the app to ensure they can tailor the experience to their level of satisfaction and without them having to constantly monitor their child’s usage.

We want GoBubble to be great fun for all of you. To help us we ask for your help with our terms of use:

  1. You can create text, emoji, photo or videos bubbles to share in GoBubble. Everyone will be checked by our moderation AI platform Luca, as well as human moderators. In the near future you will be able to upload previously recorded content however that will also be moderated before it appears in the platform
  2. Be awesome to each other. (We don’t like bullies and will remove people from GoBubble if we become aware of people trying to use it to upset others). You can connect with your classmates and make new friends from our lists of verified child users (only those the same year group age as you). You can see the profile overview (name and county/country) of users the same age to support the social aspect of GoBubble. You can also anonymously report users if you want to and it will be flagged to our team to resolve the matter with 1 day. We will notify you on the outcome which can include suspending the other user or removing them from the site altogether
  3. Respect artists. (Please don’t copy someone else’s work or pretend it’s yours. Someone else will have worked very hard creating it and it’s their copyright)
  4. Respect yourself. (Please don’t post pictures, films or messages that are rude, nasty or could upset someone else. If you do share inappropriate images we will report these to your parent and school)


In-app upgrade

Whilst we used to have an optional in-app upgrade for parents only this has now been removed and deactivated as we want every child to be able to equally participate in GoBubble. There are no in-app purchases for any users (children, parents or teachers).