How to get started with GoBubble

With GoBubble it’s so easy to get started once you’ve registered your school at GoBubble.School:

1. Create your child accounts

Upload a CSV file (or send it to and we can take care of it for you). The CSV needs: first name of child/last name of child/class number of child (eg grade or year group 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc).

The system will do the rest for you including creating their usernames and guest passwords – which they or you can reset if you wish.

You can then download a welcome letter to pass to parents is you wish. Their accounts are live straight away to use in class (using Loco Parentis consent). If they want to use them at home the system prompts them to collect their own parent consent – so you don’t have to do a thing.

2. Create your group

You can have as many groups as you like. The kids at your school can see the groups you create and join them. In the new site going live soon you’ll also be able to print off a QR code and/or set a URL address for your class so the kids can access it easily

3. Join our community 

On Facebook? Join our GoBubble Teacher Group for ongoing support from the GoBubble team and to connect with other teachers.

There’s also a host of posters and resources in available to teachers. Check out our School Resource (link opens in Google Drive) to help you to encourage your kids and colleagues to use GoBubble.

Become a regional GoBubble Ambassador, with free swag for TeachMeets/EdCamps to help you spread the word! If you’re interested drop us a line