How to get started with GoBubble

If you’re a teacher or educator, getting started with GoBubble is easy:

1. Register Your School

Register for free at via a desktop or laptop.

2. Personalise Your Account

Create your name, and get to know your school’s dashboard on GoBubble. You might want to use “Mr”, “Miss” or whatever title you ask your students to use as your first name.

3. Create your users

Add your students into your dashboard. You can do this manually, student-by-student, or by uploading a CSV file with all your class.

4. Download and send letters home

GoBubble provides you with a letter to sent to the parent or carer of each student in your class, to gain written parental consent.

6. Create your school groups

Once you have parental consent, use your dashboard to create school groups.

7. Personalise your group

Create an avatar and a name for your group.

8. Edit your group

If you need to, you can make changes to your group once it’s created.

9. Assign your group owners

Give other colleagues administrator and editor rights on the group.

10. Get regular support

Book onto one of our regular free 15-minute webinars for ongoing support from the GoBubble team.

Check out our School Resources to help you to encourage your students to use GoBubble, and to help them stay safe online.