How old do you need to be to use GoBubble?

GoBubble is for any child under 13. Parents can have access too however they cannot see any details or content from any child (except their own).

How much does it cost?

GoBubble is free to register. The app is free to download for everyone forever. There is an optional monthly in app purchase to unlock creating photo and film messages (which is only 99p per household).

How is GoBubble safe?

The team behind GoBubble, eCadets, is the UK’s leading innovator in online safety for children. Their founder, Henry, is a former Police Sergeant and with their team of experts they have ensured GoBubble doesn’t contain the same risks as other social platforms. This is because:

  • Schools create accounts for the children, meaning every user is verified
  • Children can chat with everyone at their own school or only children the same year group age equivalent if they’re at other schools
  • All content is moderated before it appears. Our proprietary right Artificial Intelligence moderation platform (Luca) flags words, images and sounds against our 2300 watch words. The amber and red words are then checked by our live moderation team. If they agree the content shouldn’t appear the school (in red cases) and parents (in red and amber cases) are notified through the site.

Does GoBubble comply with GDPR and COPPA?

Yes. Keeping kids safe is our priority.

We gain parental consent in the app before a young user can log in for the first time.

We only collect anonymous user data to help our security, moderation and system perform to its best ability.

There’s no advertising targeting young users in the app.

How can I make new friends?

In GoBubble you can be friends with any other pupil at your school.

You can also make new friends the same year group age around the World.

In the app you click on “friends” and then use the map to search for new friends the same year group age. You then send them an invite and if they connect you’re now friends.

You’re safe in the knowledge everyone in GoBubble is trusted and verified – weird strangers are not allowed!

What types of messages (bubbles) can I create?

Every user can create text and emoji bubbles for free. You can also have great fun creating photo bubbles with filters or film bubbles in the app – to unlock these costs only 99p (to help cover our increased server and moderation costs).

How can I view bubbles in the app?

Once you’ve logged in you’ll be automatically shown the bubbles (messages) your friends have sent.

Each one lets you like it, reply (by creating another bubble) or if you want to move straight to the next one just swipe left to right to pop the bubble.

How can I join a group?

Click on the group icon at the bottom of the app. Here you can see suggested groups, or search for groups.

Very soon group leaders will also be able to print off posters with QR codes that you can scan with the app and it’ll take you straight to their group.

I'm having problems logging in.

Please check if you’re logging in with the correct role.

It says my account hasn't been verified.

Keeping kids safe is our top priority. When registering a school for the first time it is important you pass our security checks. Once you’ve passed you’ll get an email congratulating you as a trusted person.

If you’re a teacher applying to join an existing GoBubble school it’ll be your approved school coordinator who will confirm your status as a trusted person.