Class Activity Ideas

Image of Kellie WIlliams

Kellie Williams

GoBubble is designed to be totally flexible to you and your curriculum.

But are are some some ideas from Kellie Williams (a Pearson Award Winning Digital Teacher, and GoBubble Ambassador):

“Being a teacher geek I am always looking for new and interesting ways to engage my class and was intrigued to discover GoBubble! This exciting new app offers a safe and friendly environment for my pupils to connect with each other, myself and pupils from around the world!” 


Connecting classrooms

GoBubble allows children to connect with other children of the same age from across the world which has allowed me to a bring a global dimension into my teaching.

During our ‘Passport to Europe’ topic, imagine the excitement in the class when the children realised that they could interact with children with schools from across Europe!

GoBubble gave them the platform to ask questions and learn about a new European country via video, text and images.


Parental Engagement

GoBubble can be used to increase parental engagement.

I have created a parent group that is only accessible to the parents in my class. The most popular posts so far have been the videos and images posted when we were on a recent residential trip.

Feedback from parents was extremely positive and they loved seeing what their children were doing whilst away from school. The parent group is also a great way to share achievements and post reminders about PE kits, reading books etc.


Student Engagement

As we were about to embark on our new rainforest topic I used GoBubble to post an image onto our class group area and asked children to log in and guess what our new topic could be.

They posted their ideas which ranged from woodlands to forests and a few correctly guessed rainforests.

I then asked the children to post their ideas for topic titles. Beginning a topic like this generated lots of interest and meant that children were going home and discussing their new topic with parents.


Download Kellie’s class activities ideas (PDF)

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