How old do you need to be to use GoBubble?

GoBubble is for any child under 13. Parents can have access too however they cannot see any details or content from any child (except their own).

How much does it cost?

GoBubble is free to register. The web version is free for everyone forever. There is an optional app which locks the full GoBubble experience and tonnes of added features. This only costs £3pa and there are bulk purchase savings for schools.

How is GoBubble safe?

The team behind GoBubble, eCadets, is the UK’s leading innovator in online safety for children. Their founder, Henry, is a former Police Sergeant and with their team of experts they have ensured GoBubble doesn’t contain the same risks as other social platforms. This is because:

a. Schools create accounts for the children, meaning every user is verified

b. Children can chat with everyone at their own school or only children the same year group age equivalent if they’re at other schools

c. All content is moderated before it appears. Our proprietary right Artificial Intelligence moderation platform (Luca) flags words, images and sounds against our 2300 watch words. The amber and red words are then checked by our live moderation team. If they agree the content shouldn’t appear the school (in red cases) and parents (in red and amber cases) are notified through the site.

I'm having problems logging in.

Please can you check if you’re logging in with the correct role.

It says my account hasn't been verified by the headteacher.

When registering a school for the first time it is important the headteacher verified you are a trusted person. They need to click on the link in the email they’ll receive automatically. The they click on the link you’ll receive an email confirming the account is now ready to use. If the headteacher hasn’t verified your account you can log in with your temporary account and resend the verification email to the head to approve.